An In-Depth Nikon D850 Review for All Nikon Camera Enthusiasts

Are you still deciding if the Nikon D850 is the camera you want?

Nikon is a top camera brand for many photographers. In states where photographers earn the highest, see photographers salary state. Nikon is the preference of many professional photographers.

In this Nikon D850 review, we’ll talk about the powerful technical capabilities of the DSLR and more. We will also discuss some of its pros and cons. Keep reading to find out about the D850.

Nikon D850 ReviewNikon D850 Specs

As one of Nikon’s latest high-resolution DSLRs, the D850 has some impressive specs. Most notable is its high speed, which we will discuss later on. Its key specifications include a 45.7MP CMOS sensor which is backside-illuminated.

It also has 7fps continuous shooting with AE/AF. Its 153-point AF system has links to the 180,000-pixel metering system.

The Nikon D850’s video output is nothing to scoff at either.

You can capture up to 30p with its UHD 4K video capture. The 1080 video can capture footage in slow-mo at 1/4 or 1/5th speed.  When you record to card, the uncompressed output is 4:2:2 8-bit Ultra HD.

It has one XQD slot as well as a UHS II-compliant SD slot. Its battery life can last up to 1840 shots. The tilting touchscreen is 3.2 inches wide and has a 1024×768-pixel LCD.

It has illuminated controls for dim-light or night photography. You can create a time-lapse with its in-camera 4K video creation. It also has connectivity features via Bluetooth and Wi-Fi.

You can check the US Nikon site for a detailed list of the D850’s specs.

Nikon D850 Review on Camera Design

One look at the Nikon D850 and you can tell it’s pretty sturdy. They used magnesium alloy for the frame and weather-sealed it against moisture and dust. That plus its approximate weight of 2 pounds makes the D850 a great outdoor DSLR.

Despite the upgrades, it still looks like older Nikon models. The control layout of the D850 and D810 are very similar. However now, you can illuminate the buttons and controls.

The secondary screen on top of the D850 displays shooting information. The shutter release is at the right-hand top-front corner. Between the two sit the ISO, video record button, and exposure compensation button.

The LCD screen allows you to take more control of the adjustments. It has a touch interface, allowing you to touch to focus. You can also expect playback, swipe, and pinch-to-zoom features.


You can get finer detail capture with the D850 thanks to its lack of anti-aliasing filter. This no anti-aliasing filter adds a risk of moiré if your lenses out-resolve a 45.7MP full-frame sensor. However, if you find false color in patterned areas, you can’t engage an anti-aliasing effect.

Nikon increased the efficiency of the sensor and low-light performance with the BSI. This is because they used a BSI or backside-illuminated sensor. It puts the light-collecting elements closer to the surface of the chip.

The use of the BSI also makes the pixels near the edges of it accept light better. This means you get higher peripheral image quality.

The D850 also appeals to a wide range of photographers because it’s a flexible camera. With the right lenses, you can shoot a landscape and still capture the fine details of the scenery. To see which lenses best fit the D850, check our

Speed and Nikon D850 as a Sports Camera

One notable thing about the D850 is that it’s one of the fastest-shooting DSLRs by Nikon. It has the hardware of the D5, which is Nikon’s prized sports camera. It has an AF module, metering sensor, and a dedicated AF processor.

With an EN-EL18b battery, you can shoot at 9fps with the D850. It also has a full range of AF modes and configuring options. This allows for comparable focus performance and high resolution.

Without the battery, the camera shoots at 7fps and up to 51 full-resolution full RAW images in one burst. After that, it slows down. To get the most out of high-speed shooting, get XQD and UHS-II compliant SD cards.

Video and Other Features

While it isn’t Nikon’s first 4K camera, the D850 is the first to shoot 4K from the sensor’s full width. Models like the D5, D7500, and D500 shoot 4K by cropping. You also get excellent video output in rich color and sharp detail.

Thanks to its high resolution, the D850 can shoot 4k time-lapses. If you have the time to compile them in post-production, you can squeeze out 8k time-lapses.

Its slow-motion feature gets you 1080p resolution and 120fps. A unique in-camera feature of the D850 is the 4x and 5x slow-mo features. You won’t see as much detail because of the lower resolution, however.

Keep in mind, the D850’s autofocus in video mode isn’t that great. If you want to use this DSLR to take high-resolution videos, you’ll need a follow focus system.

Pros and Cons of the Nikon D850

Before we end our Nikon D850 review, let’s take a look at the pros and cons of the D850.

So far, the D850 camera is the sharpest DSLR Nikon has ever made. It’s also one of the brand’s fastest cameras to date. It offers a 153-point autofocus system, 4k video, and 7fps burst shots.

The flipping touch-screen LCD allows you to look at your photos and videos with more ease. With no flash, its sturdy, weather-sealed design lies on the heftier side. This makes it great to bring along to trips for landscape or sports photography.

The cons of the D850 include the expensive price and the lack of the Built-in Flash. Unlike the D810 which ships with built-in flash.

If you’re planning to get a camera for your social media, the D850 may seem pricey. Today, there are over 5 billion mobile devices in our hands. Most new models today allow for great shots but only in certain conditions.

If you’re an influencer looking for a camera that can fit all your needs, the D850 is worth every penny. However, if you’re working on a tight budget, it’ll be wise to try other Nikon cameras for now.

Find Your Best Nikon Camera

The Nikon D850 Bundles is a top technical performance camera. It’s well-rounded and offers a lot of great advantages. You can focus on landscape, sports, or portrait photography and still enjoy the D850.


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  • 4K Ultra HD cinematic video recording in stunning full frame glory, Record 16:9 4K UHD (3840x2160) | 4K and 8K Time-Lapse | Tilting touchscreen, Touch AF, Touch Shutter control, Focus Shift shooting mode, outstanding battery performance and Built-in WiFi and Bluetooth Wireless Connectivity.
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