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Examples Of Micro Photography


Examples Of Micro Photography

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Micro photography is a form of photography that captures images on a microscopic level. It can range from macro photography and focuses on extremely small details. Microphotography allows us to explore the hidden beauty of very small items, exploring the complexity of everyday objects in a whole new way. In this article, we will take a closer look at different examples of micro photography and how it can be used to reveal intricate details and create fascinating works of art.


Micro photography is a type of photography that allows us to view the unseen world. It involves using specialized equipment and techniques to capture images of objects at a tiny scale, such as cells, bacteria, and insects. Microphotography has enabled us to explore various aspects of the natural world that are invisible to the naked eye. In this article, we’ll explore some examples of micro photography and how they help us understand the world around us better.

Medical Micro Photography

Medical micro photography is a critical tool in diagnosing diseases and studying human anatomy. It involves using specialized microscopic cameras that can magnify tissues and cells for detailed examination. This type of photography can help physicians identify cancerous cells or other abnormalities in a tissue sample.

One example of medical micro photography is photomicrography, which involves capturing images of histological specimens (tissue samples). These images help pathologists make accurate diagnoses by identifying abnormal cell structures or patterns. With photomicrography, doctors can also track the progression or regression of a disease over time by comparing multiple images taken at different stages.

Insect Micro Photography

Insect micro photography allows us to study insects’ unique characteristics and behaviors that are difficult to observe with the naked eye. Macro insect photographs often capture insect bodies’ details such as hairs, scales, or wings. However, photographing insects at closer range reveals intricate details that can provide information about their evolutionary history or ecological role.

One famous example of insect micro photography is Levon Biss’s Microsculpture project. Biss captured microscopic photographs of insects from London’s Natural History Museum collections using industrial research lenses and microscope stages. The resulting photographs reveal intricate details such as iridescent scales on butterfly wings or hairy textures on beetle’s exoskeleton. These images are aesthetically beautiful but also important for science, as they help researchers understand the insects’ diverse morphologies.

Botanical Micro Photography

Botanical micro photography involves capturing images of plants at a microscopic scale. This type of photography is essential in plant research, particularly in studying their specific structures and cell types. Botanical micro photographs can help identify plant species, study plant diseases, and understand the mechanisms of photosynthesis.

One example of botanical micro photography is Craig Burrows’s UV-induced visible fluorescence photography. Burrow’s work reveals hidden patterns on flowers that are not visible to the human eye. The process involves exposing flowers to high-energy UV light and then capturing them with a standard camera equipped with a UV filter. The resulting images show intricate structures such as nectar guides or patterns on petals that guide pollinators towards flower centers. Burrow’s work highlights how even familiar flowers can have hidden features waiting to be discovered through scientific techniques such as UV fluorescence microscopy.


In conclusion, micro photography enables us to explore the wondrous world around us at an incredibly minuscule level. From medical micro photography aiding doctors in diagnoses to insect microphotography revealing intricate details of bugs’ exoskeletons and botanic microphotography giving scientists insight into photosynthesis mechanisms – each sub-discipline provides unique benefits for researchers and humankind alike.

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