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Creative Photography Ideas To Try


Creative Photography Ideas To Try

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Creative photography is an art form that allows you to explore the world around us in new and exciting ways. With just a few simple tools, you can start capturing stunning images that capture the beauty of the moment. Whether you’re shooting landscapes, portraits, or even abstract artwork, creative photography ideas can help take your photo game to the next level. In this article, we’ll dive into some of the best creative photography ideas that you can try today. From using unusual perspectives to experimenting with


1. Capturing Reflections

Reflections are a beauty that can be captured in photography. Whether it is the mirror reflection, with water or the reflection from a shiny surface, they are breathtaking to capture. Capturing reflections can alter images completely and gives it a unique perspective that normal photography cannot offer.

One creative technique to try is the mirror image. Find two mirrors and place them opposite each other with an object in between for optimal reflection. Also, consider capturing urban landscapes at night with reflections of buildings on the water for a stunning shot.

2. Bokeh Photography

Bokeh photography is when you blur out some parts of your photo while keeping other parts sharp and crisp in focus.

A good technique to try is using Christmas lights as your bokeh; this adds more flair and excitement to your photo while blurring out an unimportant background visually appealingly.

3. Forced Perspective Photography

This type of photography deals with intentionally creating an optical illusion by making one object appear much larger or smaller than it really is.

A creative idea would be taking a photo of someone holding the Eiffel Tower as if it fits into their palm or someone sitting on top of their car picking up what looks like tiny cars would make for some interesting photos.

4. High-Speed Photography

This type of photography involves freezing action; capturing moving objects in motion without any blur.

A great way to do this type of photography would be by using fast shutter speed settings and burst mode which allows you to take multiple shots quickly then choose which one expresses what youโ€™d like out of all them before editing them afterwards.

5. Levitation Photography

Levitation photography is an out-of-the-box idea to try especially with your friends. The illusion of someone levitating off the ground is created by taking two photos one of them in the air and another one with a solid background, then blending them together.

A very important factor to consider when trying this technique is matching the lighting in both shots, ensuring that they are consistent enough to make it look believable.

6. Low Light Photography

Low light photography is an amazing art when done correctly can capture some pretty exciting photos.

The best way to do this type of photography would be by experimenting with your cameraโ€™s settings and familiarizing yourself with long shutter speed and high ISO setting, You can also try to use different types of lighting sources including candles, dim lamps or even street lights as natural light sources.

7. Shadow Art Photography

This type of photography involves playing around with shadows and light source to create a unique image

A creative idea would be capturing the silhouette reflection of an object in water or having someone play around with their shadow while standing on a wall would work pretty well for creative shadow art photography.


Creative photography ideas are limitless; you only need to find what works best for you and experiment! Keep practicing, learn from others, and most importantly have fun while at it!

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