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Abstract Macro Photography Ideas


Abstract Macro Photography Ideas

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Abstract Macro Photography is an art form that allows photographers to create unique and creative images through up-close and detailed shots of everyday objects. By focusing on small details, abstract macro photography can turn ordinary objects into captivating works of art. This type of photography is a great way to experiment with color, texture and shape, as these are all important elements in creating an interesting abstract shot.

Macro photography is the practice of taking close-up photographs. It requires a specialized lens that can capture detailed images of small subjects. Abstract macro photography, on the other hand, is all about capturing the essence of a subject rather than its physical appearance. In this article, we will explore some abstract macro photography ideas that can help you take stunning and creative pictures.

Playing with Colors

One way to create abstract macro photographs is by playing with colors. You can choose a dominant color and look for subjects that complement it. For example, if you choose blue as your dominant color, you can look for subjects such as flowers or insects with blue hues or shoot against a blue background. You can also use contrasting colors to create interesting compositions. For example, shooting red and green leaves together or yellow and purple flowers.

You can also play with saturation levels to make colors pop out more in your photos. A high saturation level makes colors brighter while desaturating them creates a more muted effect. Experimenting with different levels of saturation can help you achieve different moods in your photos.

Focus on Details

Another way to create abstract macro photographs is by focusing on details such as textures or patterns. Look for interesting textures around you, such as a rough surface or the veins of a leaf. These details become more pronounced when captured up close in a macro photograph.

You can also look for patterns within your subject matter such as the concentric circles on an onion slice or the spiral pattern on a snail shell. These naturally occurring patterns create visually striking images that capture the essence of your subject matter.

The Art of Bokeh

Bokeh is one of the most popular techniques used in abstract macro photography today. It refers to the blur or out-of-focus area in an image. Bokeh can create a dreamy, ethereal effect that draws attention to the subject matter of your photograph.

You can use bokeh in several ways, such as making it the focal point of your photograph or using it to create a background for your subject. You can achieve bokeh by widening your aperture and focusing on a specific part of the subject or using a special lens that creates bokeh effects such as lensballs or tilt-shift lenses.


Abstract macro photography is all about capturing the essence of your subject matter rather than its physical appearance. By playing with colors, focusing on details, and using bokeh effectively, you can create stunning and creative photographs that stand out from the crowd. The key is to experiment with different techniques and find what works best for you. With patience and practice, you’ll be able to take eye-catching and unique abstract macro photographs.

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